Customer Support (About calibration and maintenance)

In order to use products/systems in good condition, calibration and inspection are accepted.

    ELENA's products and products configured ELENA's system are taken charge of.
    (Please inquire for the details)
    Calibration contents (Agency) will be judged by ELENA's engineer to meet
    customer's request and regulation, and calibration in appropriate place will be

    Inspection (Measurement) for equipment and system, that can exhibit capability
    to be as actual ability or how is current ability, is made.
    By periodical doing, confirmation is made that test for developing unit (actual
    product) by customer's system is done without any problem.

 Removal and etc.
    Removal work of customer's facilities is accepted.
    Working will be made under the presence of ELENA's engineer.
    Product may be dis-assembled once and then be assembled.
    By request, data taking for before/after removal is possible.