Products Information

<GTEM Cell>

EGT-750 (Model of picture)
Main Use

・EMI (Emission) measurement
・Radiated immunity test
・Measurement of radiated power of wireless communication equipment
・Sensitivity measurement for wireless communication equipment
・Calibration of electric field probe
・Evaluation of shielding material
  (Evaluation of shielding material upto microwave band is possible by
   measuring method developed by ELENA)


・Standard GTEM Cell that is possible to test from general electronics devices
  to MIL specifications devices
・Covering 18GHz microwave band (Option)
・EMI evaluation measurement of FCC traceable is possible by 3-position
・Customizing is possible in corresponding to wider use, from product
 development to quality control

Outline Specifications

Model Name EGT-250 EGT-350 EGT-500B EGT-750 EGT-1100
Max. Septum Height 250 350 500 750 1000
Frequency Range
 (Option: Extension of upper limit frequency: 3GHz/4GHz/~18GHz [Need consultation])
Frequency Range
(Option: Extension of upper limit frequency: 3GHz/4GHz/~18GHz[Need consultation])
Max. Input Power
※At working of Fan (Option)
100W 200W 300W 450W 600W
Precise Measuring Area
167×167×84 233×233×117 334×334×167 500×500×250 667×667×334
Usable EUT Max. Dimension
188×188×167 254×254×233 377×377×334 565×565×500 754×754×667
※ Option: For corresponding to 18GHz of upper limit frequency, preliminary meeting is needed in advance.
        Please inquiry ELENA, if other size of GTEM cell is desired.

 ※ Please be aware that specifications and appearance may be changed 
    without any prior notice.